Maturata Plantations Ltd

Maturata Plantations Ltd. (MPL) is one of the largest tea producing companies in Sri Lanka and is world renowned for the superior quality tea and rubber that is being produced at this factory. MPL has been commercially growing, processing and packaging tea since 1870 and is acknowledged as producers of superior quality 'Ceylon Tea'.

Maturata Plantations consist of 19 individual estates that stretch across an area of over 23,000 hectares. These estates produce well over 12.5 Mn kilos of tea and employ a workforce of over 21,000 individuals that include executives, staff and workers. This once inaccessible terrain gradually became renowned globally as the best plantations which produce Origin Tea.

In a country that gives paramount importance to agriculture we at Browns Investments have extended our expertise by delivering superior quality organic and inorganic fertilizers that guarantee optimum plant growth. Aspiring for a nation that will be bountiful, we have given farmers and planters the best fertilizers under the umbrella brand name "Agstar".