Investment Portfolio can be defined as; investing on diversified securities and other potential investment instruments to capitalize in opportunity maximization, while minimizing risk exposure. It also can be identified as collective investment which provides the investor the liberty to diversify his instruments of investments in a legally organized manner, with the objective of minimizing risk.

As we all know reliability and consistency plays a main role when it comes to deciding the path for investing sources. After analyzing current market trends and risks in each of the segments, Investment Portfolio safe-guards from risk associated in one particular segment, minimizing the risk level by injecting everything on one or two means of securities that could instantly act negatively in this dynamic world. For example, as Sri Lankans did we expect a Tsunami to hit us, and the coastal real-estate prices would be highly affected from such an unheard thing? Well, that's why Investment Portfolio plays an important role; nobody wants to be penniless in a second…

Browns Investment Policy

  1. Browns Investments PLC will invest in industries/companies in the medium term to long term. Such investments may be passive while in some cases BI may take an active part in management of the investee company.
  2. The company will also manage a portfolio of Investments.

Advantage of an Investment Portfolio

Since your investments are injected in different segments of the economy, which inherit different risk-return potential, you can survive through a downfall of an investment instrument since you are being nourished through the other invested securities.

Our Investor Potential

Browns Group of companies, have created an excellent reputation among the stakeholders and in the world of business, uses Investment Portfolio as a safe means of building the economy. Investment Portfolio generates a higher Return On Investment (ROI) for themselves, while taking into consideration not only their improvement but also the nation's development opting for the best win-win solution, as Investment is the vital injection for any upbringing of an economy.

We have created a credible corporate image of the highest standard which ensures easy access for any investment opportunity, which gives us the opportunity to reach and thrive on high ROI with our worthy clients.

So join hands with us to improve your lifestyle while giving a boost of strength to our blooming economy.