“Since inception we’ve been designing our own benchmarks, setting our own pace and doing things…our way. We’ve actively sought out and developed value in many of the industry sectors we have entered, both on our own and in partnership with others. Boldness and strength are inherent in everything we do.”

Who We Are

Operating as a subsidiary of the giant corporate wing Brown & Co PLC; Browns Investments PLC (BI) is the strategic investment vehicle of the Browns Group , investing in fast growing key economic sectors in Sri Lanka. With net assets in excess of Rs. 15Bn that power up every step taken by BI, the company’s investments are mostly in the areas of plantation and agri business, leisure travel & entertainment, construction, Real estate and other - where we continue to develop our investments to enhance value. The investments made in the sectors we operate in have flourished, securing high returns at all times, signifying that our portfolio of investments has out-performed the market, doing justice to all our share holders.

Continuing to be carefully optimistic, the company’s investment strategy is to invest in medium to long term economical opportunities or to hold or divest at an opportune time. Driven by sharp analytical minds fuelled by a passion to gain positive results at all times, we are proud of our strong positioning in key market sectors, and the exponential growth we are enjoying.

Business Segments

The company's interests towards a widespread area of businesses has enabled it to attain the position as one of the most sustainable, innovative, profitable and agile corporate in Sri Lanka.

Browns Investments has invested in the following sectors:

  • Leisure, travel and entertainment
  • Plantation and agri business
  • Construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Real estate
  • Other investments

Our Investment Policy

  • Browns Investments PLC will invest in industries/companies in the medium term to long term. Such investments may be passive while in some cases Browns Investments may take an active part of management of the investee company.
  • The company will also manage a portfolio of Investments.

In addition to the above, Browns Investments manages a portfolio of listed shares. This balanced portfolio takes into account the various sectors of the economy, the requirement of short and medium term returns as well as requisite risk factors. Presently this portfolio is in excess of Rs. 1 Bn.

Investing in Sri Lanka with Browns Investments

Our steadfastness which is attributed to remarkable success stories, consistent financial growth and projects which capitalize on stability and sustainability guarantees results that surpass your aspirations. Therefore with confidence we call upon investors to invest in our many promising projects where our primary focus is on creating utmost shareholder value.

Partner with us today and make the best of this opportunity to invest in one of the most promising conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

"At Browns Investments, the sky is the limit"